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Miss Fran's Teaching Garden

Miss Fran’s Teaching Garden is a unique collaboration of three organizations: the Cedar Creek Lake Garden Club to create and facilitate an edible garden designed for the needs of students, teachers, and the community; Tool Elementary School to integrate a garden-based curriculum into their existing classes; and the Community Food Pantry of Tool that receives our seasonal harvests and delivers fresh produce to 350-400 families each month.


Tool Elementary School, where “the adventure never stops, and the learning never ends” is home to Miss Fran’s Teaching Garden, named for Fran Sonka, a Tool community icon.  Miss Fran served the city of Tool from 1995-2012.  As mayor, she was instrumental in positioning Tool as the location for the new elementary school.  Most every day Miss Fran remains active at the school and plays a huge role in the garden’s success.  CCL Garden Club members volunteer at the garden regularly and work with students of all ages in planting, maintaining, and harvesting the abundant produce. 

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